Retirement Planning Pitfalls

Retirement Planning Pitfalls

July 30, 2016

Bob and Mary were in their early 60s and Mary wanted them to retire.  She was ready to spend more time with Bob, who's job had kept him on the road for many years.  But Bob was used to his way of life, and had a hard time imagining what he would do if he did retire.  We were able to coach Mary through some conversation starters that got them talking...and eventually got them on the same page about their future.

Even if you have laid out a great retirement plan, anxiety and indecision can still get in your way of taking the big leap.  In this episode Mary Sterk talks about four common planning pitfalls that can veer you off track - The Overwhelm Trap, The Stuck Spouse Problem, The Fear Of Getting Ripped Off Phenomenon, and The Pit Of What If.   Listen as she provides creative solutions to help you move forward with clarity and confidence.

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