Business & 401(k) Services

A successful company’s financial toolbox should contain more than your annual reports and profit forecasts. The lifecycle of a company begins with an idea, grows through hard work, and eventually transitions ownership, leaving behind a lasting legacy. Sterk Financial’s Business & 401(k) Services program is a specialized set of tools to help you through each phase of your business growth and transition.

It’s no secret that when you invest in talent, you are investing in the future of your business. Our executive financial planning program, employee education services, and 401(k) plan management focuses that investment on your team’s long term financial success and day-to-day productivity. We assist employers in reducing their fiduciary liability and providing a top-notch retirement plan to aid in recruiting and retaining top talent - all with an eye on reducing taxes for the owners.

When you are ready to transition out of the company, it’s important to secure both your own financial future alongside that of your business. Our succession planning services help you design a plan so that when you retire, your business can keep growing.

Our goal is simple - to provide you with a set of resources that can aid your business success every step of the way. Call us to learn how we can help enhance, protect or transition your business and up level your employee’s financial outcomes.

401(k) &
Retirement Plans

Strong benefits create a competitive edge. Up-level your plan in these key areas:

Fiduciary Risk Reduction
Strategic Plan Design
Expense Reduction
Participant Outcomes

Executive Financial Planning

Your key executives' financial health and well-being affects productivity and focus. Create personal clarity and financial confidence within your executive team so they can focus their full talents and leadership skills while at work.

Employee Education

Smart employees make stronger teams. Offer your employees a series of Lunch & Learn sessions or other customized educational programs to build financial acumen and expand their knowledge base.

Succession Planning

Protect the value of your business, ensure the legacy of your hard work, and create retirement income and wealth with a smart exit strategy.

Corporate Portfolio Management

Strategically invest corporate dollars with confidence.

Key Employee Packages

Your business relies on human talent. Put in place strong strategies to recruit and retain your key employees.