"Ready To Pull The Retirement Trigger?"

You want to retire early . . . slow down a bit . . . enjoy your life, your spouse, and your grandkids. But what if there is a major health issue? Or what if you run out of money? How much do you need? What if you have to go into a nursing home? When do you take your Social Security? What do you do with your 401k when you retire? What do you do about health insurance before you reach Medicare age?

There are many issues facing people as they consider retirement. In a world filled with an overwhelming variety of information, it can be difficult to know what to do and where to turn for guidance. Author Mary Sterk takes the complex issue of retirement planning and gives you straight-forward advice that is easy to understand and simple to follow.

In this book, you will:

  • Understand how a health issue can impact your retirement plans—and how to help safeguard against it.
  • Create a strategy with your investments that will help ensure you never run out of money.
  • Take the complexity out of Long-Term Care decisions, insurance, and housing options.
  • Learn how to evaluate the strength of your portfolio, and align it with the retirement lifestyle you want to create.
  • And, most importantly, determine exactly how much money you need to feel confident in pulling the retirement trigger.

There are no do-overs in retirement. You need a path. You need a strategy. You need a guide you can trust. "Ready To Pull the Retirement Trigger?" will arm you with the essential knowledge to create a strategic plan so you can retire with confidence.

Soon after being published, Mary's Book ranked #1 on Amazon.com in Retirement Planning, Personal Finance, Women & Business, Investing, Business & Money, and Aging!

Advanced Praise

I found "Ready To Pull The Retirement Trigger?" to be an exceptional book that brings real clarity to the complex process of retiring. It is written in an easy-to-understand style and has clear steps to navigating this life-changing event that can be so daunting for many Americans. Mary’s personal stories will help readers fully understand the important connection between money and life.
- Valerie G. Brown, Executive Chairman, Advisor Group

In this clear and straightforward gem of a book, readers find valuable information and tools to help allay their fears, discover their choices, and prepare for the retirement experience they desire.
- Rick Fergesen, President, Woodbury Financial

This is a fantastic book for anyone approaching retirement. It takes the complex and explains it in an easy-to-understand manner, providing action steps designed to help readers prepare for a successful retirement.
- Clayton St. George MBA, CLU, CFP®, Regional Vice President, Woodbury Financial

Mary gets to the heart of the emotions all of us face when we’re considering the option of retirement. Not only is she sensitive to the feelings that can hinder sound decision-making, she provides clear steps and strategies for navigating the future.
- Teresa B. Easler, CEO, Connect To The Core Inc.

This book by Mary Sterk is so concrete in its advice for being “Ready To Pull The Retirement Trigger.” I think it is one of the clearest and most helpful books available on this subject. As more and more members of our generation reach this decision point, the advice here will be so very helpful. I know it is for me. It also has very helpful ideas for the clients I am advising who are considering retirement.
- Nick Muller, Nicholas G. Muller Law Office, LLC

This book is a great asset for those approaching retirement. It is not too long, and it is written for the reader who is starting at ground zero in retirement planning. It begins by asking all those questions that scare us about choosing to retire. And it provides a blueprint for answering the questions and planning for the future. It does so in clear and understandable terms for the beginner, and provides increasing confidence in your decision-making as you learn how to approach your new life style.

Mary takes the future retiree on a learning journey with Action Steps along the way to summarize and provide an outline for what needs to be done. The complexities of budget-making and estimating future income needs are made simple. Providing for heirs, managing risk, choosing pension formats, health insurance, nursing home insurance, social security are all topics covered in a way that helps the reader to a new level of security and confidence in their planning. There is even a section on Medicare and how it works, a subject most of us know too little about, but one about which we are afraid to admit our ignorance. It’s all there, but it’s short, clear and designed to strengthen that shaky retirement trigger. Read this book, and you will be ready to prepare your strategies with confidence in your decisions.
- Francis J. Colella, Ph. D., Economics

An engaging and informative read. Relatable anecdotes help drive home important lessons from money philosophy to planning and portfolio design. Definitely recommended for anyone who hopes for a stress-free retirement–next year or thirty years from now.
- Melanie M. Arnold, CFA, CAIA

"Ready To Pull The Retirement Trigger?" breaks down the entire retirement process into bite-size pieces that are easy to do. The book provides a clear, concise plan that not only takes the fear and uncertainty out of the retirement process, but frames it in such a way as to make it an enjoyable experience! Even though this is a book about retirement, Sterk’s plan is so helpful that it should be required reading for everyone, regardless of age.
- Karrie R. Hruska, Estate Planning Attorney, Moore Heffernan Law