Unique Planning Programs

At Sterk Financial, we offer unique services to meet every financial need. Some clients start with Wealth Management and move later to Planning. Some clients start with Planning and then engage with us for Wealth Management. The choice is up to you, and at our first meeting we can help guide you to which program is best suited for your needs!

From a planning perspective, we offer two levels of service. The Bucket Plan is a streamlined and simplified plan to ensure you have your assets allocated in the most effective way for retirement. The Financial Plan is a much more robust planning process that incorporates all facets of your financial life, and projects when you can retire and how much you may be able to spend. A detailed list of what our services include is below.

Wealth Management

Goals & Objectives Assessment
Risk Tolerance Analysis
Investment Performance Audit
Investment Recommendations

Bucket Plan™

All benefits of Wealth Management plus:

Net Worth Review
Income Gap Analysis
Sequence of Return Risk Analysis
Liquidity Analysis
Tax Efficient Income Planning
Current Bucket Plan™
Recommended Bucket Plan™

Financial Plan

All benefits of Wealth Management & Bucket Plan™ plus:

Retirement Success Forecasting*
Social Security Strategies
Estate Plan Review
Life Insurance Review & Strategies
Long Term Care Review & Strategies
P&C Insurance Gap Review
Pension Analysis
Income Tax Reduction Strategies
Roth Conversion Bracket Bumping
Estate Tax Reduction Strategies
Probate Avoidance Strategies
Charitable Giving Strategies
College Planning Strategies
Employee Stock Option Strategies

Financial, Retirement & Estate Planning

Strategic Guidance for Life's Journey

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Wealth Management

Maximizing Your Financial Strength

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Business & 401(k) Services

Enhance, Protect Or Transition Your Business

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*denotes provided by Financial Profiles’ Financial Planning & Retirement Analysis Tool