Strategic Retirement Tool Kit

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Strategic Retirement Tool Kit

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We hope you find this to be a valuable tool in shaping the direction of your retirement. In this tool kit you will find:

Risk Tolerance Quiz

The Risk Tolerance Quiz has a few questions and a simple scoring system that will help you determine how much risk you’re comfortable with inside your investment portfolio. Answer the questions and score your results to determine your own personal Risk Tolerance Level.

Budget Tool

The Budget Tool is designed to help you pull into a single document all of your fixed and variable expenses as well as your expected incomes. Fill in your numbers, add or change categories as needed, and determine your annual excess or shortage. Please note that in this PDF we have included just the categories, and the workable spreadsheet is in the accompanying file.

List Of Confidential Documents

This List of Confidential Documents will help you know exactly what information is necessary to pull together as you begin to make a plan. Gather the relevant data you need in order to make a strong retirement decision.

Insurance Gap Checklist

The Insurance Gap Checklist is a quick review of many different types of insurance that are available. Ask yourself the key questions to ensure adequate limits and coverages.

Financial Planner Evaluation Tool

The Financial Planner Evaluation Tool is a list of questions designed to uncover how a prospective planner can bring you value. Use this as an interview guide to determine their process, fees, and philosophies about financial planning.

Our Retirement Planning Process

Our planning process is designed to give you unbiased, objective advice on which solutions and strategies best fit your unique situation. We hope you use this as an opportunity to schedule a Value Assessment meeting with one of our talented planners. We would love to help you get ready to pull the retirement trigger!