Kathie "KT" Trover

Kathie "KT" Trover

Operations Manager

My Background & What Brought Me Here
My career has taken several paths. Over a decade of experience performing both customer service and administrative work is a testament of my passion for helping people. I am still as enthusiastic about learning new things today, especially when it comes to technology.

Why I Chose this Profession
I have strong abilities in problem-solving, organization, and finding ways to work more efficiently. I naturally fall into roles that allow me to help the people I work with, whether they are clients or co-workers.

When Not in the Office, Look For Me
On the sidelines. I love watching my three girls play their sports of choice all year ‘round, which include a few travel leagues. When I’m not cheering them on, I enjoy traveling to see friends and family all over the country. If you don’t see me at a game, then look for me at the beach or in Las Vegas!

How I’m Advancing My Career Knowledge
As the person in charge of providing technology support to the office, I make a point to learn as many new programs and technological tools as possible. I do this by doing research, participating in webinars, and staying on top of what challenges my team is currently experiencing so I can find dependable solutions.

Education & Certificates
Associates Degree in Business Management

Not registered with Woodbury Financial Services.