Joe Greco

My Background and what brought me here:
While the goal was to always work in financial planning, the path wasn’t necessarily straight to the field.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Personal Financial Planning, I held several jobs in the financial services industry but didn’t fully connect to the financial planning that I hoped to do.  I have had a goal to work in a company that puts an emphasis on financial planning and investment management and that search is eventually what led me to my role as a paraplanner in the Kansas City branch of Sterk Financial services.  I am excited to be in a position that aligns with what I want to daily while also supporting my long-term career aspirations in Financial Planning.

Why I chose this profession:
Investment management has always been an industry that fascinated me. This profession allows me to further my understanding of the investment world while also getting to use that knowledge to help others with their financial wellbeing.

Something Unique and Different About Me:
I am a big fan of The Grateful Dead and all the music that stems from their influence. It is about 95% of what I listen to.

Outside of work I’m Most Passionate about:
Networking and spending time with my friends. Additionally, I try to travel as much as possible. Seeing new places is always exciting and I love quick weekend getaways.        

When Not in the Office, Look for Me:
At the Lake of the Ozarks or on the disc golf course. I own upwards of 80 different discs and weather permitting, I am out throwing every day. My favorite course I’ve ever played is Water Works Park in North Kansas City.                                                                                                                    

How I’m Advancing my Career Knowledge:
I am currently working on obtaining various FINRA licenses and plan to get the CFP designation following obtaining those. Something I enjoy doing is reading and researching various other topics in the industry.

Bachelor of Science in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University