Amy Heaton

My Background & What Brought Me Here
I first started my career in public accounting and tax preparation. After my first child was born, I made the decision to move back to my hometown of Sioux City and into the world of insurance accounting. That career move led me to connect with Mary, whom I met when working as a controller for a local insurance agency. A few years after Mary had established Sterk Financial Services, I joined the team, and continue to enjoy my role helping grow the practice.  

Why I Chose this Profession
After 20+ years in the accounting business, my love for numbers, forecasts, and reworking financial plans speaks for itself. The other part of this job that I not-so- secretly enjoy is the energy I get from collaborating with the amazing team here at Sterk Financial Services. Getting everyone excited about the company vision and goals, and setting a plan into action is one of my favorite parts of my job. My role as the CFO/COO means I am responsible for both the numbers and in the operational area, which ends up being the perfect fit for me. I get to provide support and advice to the team behind the scenes so they can do what they do best in taking care of our clients.

Something Unique & Different About Me
I am learning to enjoy the empty nester's club rather than deny it. As my children pursue their lives, interests, and opportunities, I am ready to do the same. I am excited to see what the future holds for my children, for my husband and myself, and for our Sterk Financial Services Company!

Outside of work, I’m Most Passionate About
My family. Raising my children with my husband makes me feel blessed every day. And, of course, Iowa State University Athletics. And my favorite dog, Cy, who never has any complaints!

When Not in the Office, Look For Me
Everywhere but in the kitchen. I’ll be on a walk, volunteering for a committee, cuddled next to my dog with a good book or movie, or out to dinner with friends or family.

How I’m Advancing My Career Knowledge
I make a point to learn something new every day by checking in with my industry peers, participating in webinars, researching, or attending local conferences. 

Education & Certificates
Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting from Iowa State University, Ames IA 
Associate in Insurance Accounting & Finance Designation (AIAF)


Not registered with Woodbury Financial Services.