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Setting up Electronic Access

View a Consolidated Account Report

This is the primary site we suggest you visit to check balances and see how your accounts are performing. VISION 2020 OneView allows you to easily consolidate and organize your investment accounts and generate in-depth reports.  Access your accounts anytime from anywhere in the world on our secure web site. We will send you an email quarterly with a special reminder that your most recent reports are ready to view.

First time users:

To get started, just give us a call or email  She will email you an invite with a temporary access code and instructions. The access code is only valid for 24 hours but we can give you a new code if you happen to miss the window.

The registration process consists of four steps: SSN and access code, User Agreement, Personal Info, and Review and Submit. When you create your new User Name and Password, it is a good idea to write them down somewhere, in case you forget them later.

Once you complete the registration process, you may view your account information, anytime from anywhere, through this secure website.

Returning users:

Go to, enter your User ID, and click Continue.

If you forget your login or are having issues, please you can click the Forgot Password or Forgot User Name link and follow the prompts. Please call us if you need further assistance.

Note: This application works best using the latest or previous version of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. It is best designed to be used with a desktop, tablet or laptop screen resolution of 1280 by 1024. Other devices and web browsers may work, however older browsers may experience technical difficulties. Upgrading to one of the configurations above will provide you with the best online experience. Please note that older browser versions such as Internet Explorer 8 and below do not support HTML5. HTML5 support is needed in order for the application to work as desired.


On-line Access and E-delivery of Woodbury/Pershing Accounts

This is the primary site we suggest for printing statements and signing up for e-delivery to cut down on the amount of mail you receive.  eQuipt provides you with online access to your investment accounts held at Woodbury/Pershing, night and day, seven days a week. Once you are enrolled, you will receive an email notification whenever a new statement or trade confirmation is available to view online.

First time users:

If we emailed you an enrollment invitation, simply click the Click To Register button in the email. Otherwise, navigate to and click the Sign Up link.

You will now be presented with a Yes/No question asking “Do you have a NetXInvestor login for”.  Just an FYI - NetXInvestor was our previous site, prior to the release of eQuipt Client Portal.

  • If you have been using NetXInvestor to access your accounts, select Yes and then follow the remaining steps.  Also remember to update your browser bookmarks.
  • If you have not previously accessed your accounts online using NetXInvestor, select No and then click Continue. Input your Name, Email, Mobile Phone Number (used in case you need assistance in logging in), and Woodbury/Pershing Account Number (if you have multiple accounts you only need to input one - eQuipt Client Portal will automatically link all accounts for your SSN). Mark the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions and click Next.

Returning users:

Go to,  enter your User ID and Password and click Continue. If you ever forget your username or password, click on the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links on the login screen and follow the prompts.


On-line Access and E-delivery of All Other Accounts

If you wish to stop receiving paper statements on your non-Pershing accounts, you must call the company(ies) directly or visit their website to request it. You will need to set up a login for each company.  Just give us a call if you are experiencing any difficulties.