What's In a Retirement Plan?

What's In a Retirement Plan?

October 29, 2016

Are you ready to pull the retirement trigger? Talk about a loaded question! You may find yourself thinking, “I want to retire... slow down a bit... enjoy my life, my spouse, and my grandkids.”  Then the questions begin to swirl. What if there is a major health issue? Or what if I run out of money? Do I even have enough saved? How much do I really need? Is it invested the best way? What if I have to go into a nursing home? When do I take my Social Security? What do I do with my 401k when I retire? What do I do about health insurance if I retire early?

Many people don’t know where to find the answers to the retirement questions running through their mind. They also don’t know who they can trust to give them good advice. The sheer amount of complexity involved in planning a retirement can be overwhelming. The natural reaction for a lot of people approaching retirement is to stick their head in the sand and avoid the issue altogether! After all, you know what life is like while you are still working, but life after retirement is a big unknown. That can be both scary and exciting!  In this episode Mary Sterk discusses the critical parts of a solid retirement plan so you can feel confident as you move towards that next chapter of life.

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