Diversification Only Works If You Are Diversified

Diversification Only Works If You Are Diversified

September 23, 2017

Many investors think they understand the concept of diversification - but most portfolios fall victim to skew which can damage results in both an up or down market.  Why?  Because asset classes respond different to stimuli in the world. What works in one setting may not work in another.

In this episode Mary Sterk discusses how to allocate and maintain a diversified portfolio.

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**Investors should understand that investments in non-correlated asset classes are not suitable for all investors. Alternative investments involve additional risks such as liquidity, tax consequences, creditworthiness and a potential lack of a secondary market. This show is not intended to be used as specific investment advice as many of the concepts presented are for discussion only. Please consult a financial professional prior to engaging in any strategy to determine if it is appropriate given your personal situation.