Aging Parents and Finance

Aging Parents and Finance

April 09, 2016

Linda came into our office literally in tears. She was faced with taking care of her aging father who had the early stages of Alzheimer's. Everything changed - her father moved into her home, she had to quit her job, and life started to revolve around his care. Linda began to lose her feeling of identity and was frazzled by all of the loose ends. We were able to help her get a handle on the financial picture, get organized, and connect her with resources to help lighten the load.

Caring for an aging parent presents loving opportunities, but also can bring difficult challenges as you transition towards handling their finances. In this episode Mary Sterk discusses various strategies to assist your aging parents with their finances - everything from bill paying to structuring investment to nursing home decisions. Learn about setting up estate planning documents, Social Security rules and how Medicare works. Listen in to help take the complexity and uncertainty out of parent care and move forward with clarity and confidence.

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