8 Must Know Tips for Caregivers

8 Must Know Tips for Caregivers

October 22, 2016

Ben's wife Janis has developed seizures.  He came in to visit and shared with us that due to her medical needs he has stopped farming and is now cash renting out his land.  She has fallen several times recently, and he wants to be near in case she needs help.  While Ben is happy to care for her, he feels overwhelmed by the sheer mountain of paperwork that Janis used to handle - from bills to insurance to managing the farm accounts.  He was looking for an easier way to manage it all so he could focus more on time with her.

Being a caregiver presents loving opportunities, but also can bring difficult challenges as you transition towards handling the finances.  In this episode Mary Sterk will guide you through simple steps to provide effective financial caregiving.  She will share tips on how to get organized, familiarize yourself with the whole financial picture, and balance your own emotional and physical needs with your role as caregiver.

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